Monday, 24 June 2013

Alphabetical Order Of My Spelling Words 26/06/2013


Syllabification Of My Spelling Words 24/06/2013

sus - tain - a - ble
ac - tion
re - search
in - ves - ti - gate
re - flect
per - su- ade
qu - es - tion
a - void

Me and Khylie's Presentation about Paper

14 Things that you can't used a newspaper for

Name 14 things that a newspaper cannot used for:

- can't eat it
- can't drink it
- can't use it like a pen
- can't cook it
- you can't shower with it
- can't wash it
- can't ride it
- you cannot clean it
- can't sleep with it
- you can't use it as a helmet
- can't type on it
- cannot use it as a mop
- you can't use it as a laptop
- can't use it as a key to unlock houses

11 Different uses for newspaper and a plastic coke bottle

Different uses keys:
Record 11 different uses (each) for:
 - a newspaper
 - a plastic coke bottle

- fan
- make a boat
- make a hat
- reading
- cutting thing out of it and put it in your book or other .
- painting
- play with it .
- drawing
- making aeroplane
- whacking people with it .
- cleaning

Coke bottle:
- drinking (putting water or other in it)
- play with it
- recycle
- make thing out of it
- draw
- paint
- cut
- sell
- put a soil and a seed inside
- throw it to people
- make a boat out of it

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Spelling Task For Homework - What's hiding inside?

Interesting - enter , internet , sting , in , is , test , rest , ten , sin , tin , net , get and rent
Knowledge - edge , know , led , now , knew , leg , won , log , low , lown , down , gown , dog and gold
Minus - sun , is , in , sum and min
Organic - or , groan , in , rag , ran and can
Positive - sit , post , top , t.v , pot , vet , set , is , pit , tip , vest , sip , pet , pest and it
Plastic - last , sat , past , pit , sit , plat and cat
Rubbish - rub , is , his , bub , bus and sub
Sorting - sort , got , sin , go , rot , sot , not , or , in , is , tin and nit
Their - her , the and hit
You're - you , yo and your

This week I did my spelling task , that is called What's hiding inside? .

My Grammar and punctuation worksheet

Writing worksheet: Re write the following sentence, add in the correct grammar, punctuation, full stops and capital letters:

For inquiry this term our class is learning about state of matter. I have found out many things about the density of liquids , gases , solids and how matter of particular substances change when the temperature is changed.
An example , for this would be water , when frozen water becomes a solid because it turns into ice . When its at a room temperature water is a liquid when it’s heated water and becomes gas as it is now steam , another example , it would be chocolate. From learning about states of matter I know that different materials have different densities. However not everyone knows what density means . Density is how tightly or closely the particles of a material are. I know that from our particle layer party experiment that honey and golden syrup are denser than water and the methylated spirit .
I like learning about matter because it’s interesting and helps me better understand the ways things works .

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Definition : Spelling Words 18/06/2013

I Think.......
Dictionary says.....
Piles of rubbish .
Dump .
Something you own .
Person living in a particular place .
Unsafe .
Dangerous .
Poison gas .
Poison gas .
Your community .
Surroundings , atmosphere.
Take care things .
Accountable , in charge .
Separate rubbish .
Reuse .
Messy .
Dirtiness .
saving .
Protect .
Property .
Building .

Syllabification 18/06/2013

land - fill
re - si - den - tial
ha - zar - dous
me - thane
en - vi - ron - ment
res - pon - si - ble
re - cy - cla - ble
pol - lu - tion
con - serve
pre - mi - ses

Rainbow Writing 18/06/2013

Against The Clock : Spelling Words

Against the clock : 30 seconds

Landfill Landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill landfill

Alphabetical Order


Definition : My Spelling Words

I think......
Dictionary say....
Fixing things
Place in order
Dirty things
belonging individual
You are
Something soft
Something old
Basic , natural


Sort - ing                 You're
Rub - bish                Plas - tic
Pos - si - tive           Or - ga - nic
Mi - nus
In - te - rest - ing
Know - ledge

Rainbow Writing Of My Spelling Words

Sorting                        You're
Rubbish                    Plastic
Positive             organic

For homework I did rainbow writing of my spelling words .

My Homework Task

Sorting - Say Orange Rolling Towards In Nether Ground .
Rubbish - Run Up Baby Boy in.... Said Holly
Positive - Peter Or Sally Is Talking In Visible Everyday .
Minus - Mum Is Never Understand Sam .
Interesting - I'm Not Talking , Either Running everyday , Saying That I'm Not Going .
Knowledge - Kick Nobody Or With Leg Each Day , Great Exercise .
Their - Tell Her Everyday "I'm Rolling" .
You're - You Or Understand Rolling Eggs .
Plastic - Please Let Alvin Say Things In Cafe .
Organic - Outside Around Grumpy Ambulance Never Is Careful .

For homework I have to do Mnemonic means that every word letter in my spellling words , I have to put them in sentence that makes sense .

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

State Of Matter

My Reading Task

Fishing by Beverley Dunlap
Answer the following questions below:

Looking at the title and illustrations in the story what do you think it’s about?Fishing because I can tell that they’re using a broomstick and a tin can to scoop up .
What can you tell me about the first sentence, just from reading it what is going on in this story?
She was angry because her mum doesn't want her to go with her grandpa to go fishing because she has a cold and it might get even worst because its outdoor and its windy .
What did grandpa mean when he said “ I've had a brainwave”?He got an idea of what they’re gonna do so they can go fishing together .
What did grandpa pull out around the house? What do you think he is going to do these with materials, why do you think this?I think he is going to do backyard fishing so she can still have fun and still gets what she want to do like fishing .
How did the girl feel about grandpa’s fishing rod, how do we know this?She thought it was awkward because she hadn't done fishing outside in her backyard , she only have been fishing in the deep blue sea with her grandpa.
Does it look like a fishing rod to you? What does a fishing rod look like, can you find a picture of a rod?No it doesn't because a fishing has a rope and a hook for the fish to bite the bait and reel the fish back up and a fishing rod you have to throw it in.
When someone smiles mysteriously how are they smiling? Give an example of a time when you have smiled mysteriously.
When someone is smiling in a weird That is when you know that they are up to something that you just really want to find out.
What do you think they are going to catch, if they aren't going to catch fish?
I think they are going to catch something else like, fruits, insect, balls so she couldn't feel lonely and bored.
Why didn't the girl get any nectarines from Mrs Pickle’s tree, what was she scared of?
She didn't want to go to Mrs.Pickles backyard to get some nectarine because she was scared of the dog that was barking really loud.

What Can Be Recycled?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Spelling Task For Homework

Against the clock: 30 sec Sorting Sorting Sorting sorting sorting Sorting Sorting sorting Sorting Sorting sorting Sorting Sorting Sorting Sorting Sorting Sorting Sorting Sorting Sorting Sorting This is my spelling task for homework .

Monday, 10 June 2013

14 Things that you can't use newspaper

Name 14 things a newspaper cannot be used:

1 .Can’t drink it .
2 . Can’t eat it .
3 . Can’t cook it .
4 . Can’t put it around your waist .
5 . Can’t shower with it .
6 . Can’t wash it .
7 . Can’t ride on it .
8 . Can’t clean it .
9 . Can’t sleep with it .
10 . Can’t use it as a helmet .
11 . Can’t type on it .
12 . Can’t use it as a mop .
13 . Can’t use it as a laptop .
14 . Can’t use it to unlock door houses .

My Word Web : Weak in Popplet

Friday, 7 June 2013

My Reading Task

Tashi and the Demons
Answer the following questions:

Summarise what has happened in the story so far.
The demons got Tashi and they try to let Tashi tell them where Princess Sarashina .
Who are the characters so far, tell me something about each of them.
Mum,Dad,Jake,Tashi,Princess Sarashina and the demons .
Mum just relax and listen to the story . Dad likes to plant a new gardenia bush . Jake is telling the story . Tashi is the main character of the story that Jake is telling . Princess Sarahina got kidnapped by the demons . The demons are evil , they want Tashi to tell them where is the princess .
If you were any of the characters in the story, who would you be and why?
Jake because he is telling the story .
How did the demons know that Tashi had helped the princess, what gave it away? (Page 18)
Tucked into a buttonhole,were the cord that he had untied from
Princess Sarashina’s hands and feet.
What was the demons plan?
Their plan was to let Tashi tell them where Princess Sarashina is .
Can you find the word persuade on page 20, what does persuade mean? Put the word into a sentence.
Cause to believe or convince to do .
How do we persuade teenagers to give up cigarettes?.
Can you name some of the things the Demons put on Tashi?
  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Rats
How did Tashi react each time the Demons put something on him?
  • Nervous
  • giggle
  • scared
  • Screamed
What did the Demons do with Tashi after, why did they do this?
They put Tashi on top of the Dragon’s Blood Tree because they want to scare Tashi .
Was it all part of Tashi’s plan?
Yes it was all part of the plan .
Can you describe what the author means when he said “the demon’s were writhing about in the dark”
Like looking in the dark .
How did Tashi find his way out of the Dragon’s Blood Tree?
He used his hands to dig out of his way .
Who is telling the story, how do you know this?
Jake because he told his family to relax and he will tell a story .
What kind of relationship has developed in the story between Tashi and the Princess?
Best friends .

My Spelling Process For Week 5

What's hiding inside? Spelling Words

Reduce - Red , educe , deuce and due
Reuse - use , sue and ruse
Recycle - cycle , reel , rye and rely
Recover - cover , cove and rover
Treatment - Treat , men , met , tea , tent and meat
Disposal - dis , so , sops and lap
Decompose - compose , come , does and mop
Conserve - serve and converse
Nutrients - tents and nut
Process - pro and press

My Spelling Task

What I think it means
What the dictionary says
Make things smaller .
Make less or decrease .
you use more than once .
Using something again .
You separate your rubbish in different bins .
Convert (waste) into reusable material or return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process .
You go back to your normal strength .
Find again .
illness .
Medical care .
Delete something .
Throwing something away .
You compose something .
Rot or break up .
save something .
Protect .
Energy .
Person’s spirit and vigor .
Instruction .
Method .