Thursday 6 December 2012

(Spelling) Knowing My Words- 6/12/12

My Maths Survey

Net book reflection 2012

What has school been like this year with a net nook?

I like using my net book because its easier to type and it can correct my mistakes when its wrong. When I got my new net book this year I felt so excited and it was so cool when I first used it. I like working on my net book because when I write on books it makes my hand sore but on net book it doesn't hurt my hand cause you type not write. And it can connect with other schools too.

The thing I don't like about using my net book is the internet because sometimes it's slow and I can't go to the page that I want to go on. When I search something on the web there's too many sites with information and I can't pronounce the long words. 

Next year I want to able to type without looking at the keyboard.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Taekwon Do

During Taekwon Do, we learnt about how to defend ourselves. There were 2 professional Taekwon Do instructors, their names were Minette and Mrs Robinson.

Minette has one black belt,she got her first black belt in 2010. It has taken her two years to get her black belt and she told us that we have to put our toes back so our toes won’t break. We did a lot of exercise like burpees, star jumps and sit ups. It helps us to get fit and warm up. Minette taught us how to front kick and it was very cool.
Mrs Robinson took over Minette because she had to go somewhere very important. Mrs Robinson taught us how to do the high kick and the turning kick. A turning kick is performed with either the ball of the foot or the instep.

As today was our last day of Taekwon Do, we had to break plastic boards and there was two boards. The 1st board was easier than the second board. Some of the kids even broke two boards at once which Minette said was pretty good as we were the first to do that since she has been teaching it in schools. It was very hard for me because it was too strong.

I’ve learnt how to defend myself and learn how to break free if a stranger ever tried to grab me. Room 5 has learnt a lot of new techniques and it was very fun.

Friday 30 November 2012

T.P.S Athletics Classes

These are the rooms that the children in athletics team. The most kids are in athletic are the Room 8 kids which has 16 kids. The least kids in the athletics teams are Room 2 which has only 2 kids in the athletics teams.

The Book Of Bones- Natasha Narayan

These are some of the new interesting words that I have found in the novel that I am reading called the Book of Bones.

Friday 23 November 2012

Room 5's Favourite Fruits

This is Room 5's Favourite Fruits. The most Fruits that Room 5 chose is Watermelons which was chosen by 11 kids. The least on was Rock melons which 1 person chose.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Get Ready To Shake Out!

Get Prepared!
I have created a poster that represents ‘New Zealand’s Earthquake shakeout day’ on Wednesday 26th September 2012 at 9:26 am.
Are you ready?

Wednesday 5 September 2012

The Haunted Horror Story!


It was late at night and it was dark,moon was shining so brightly in the dark spooky sky. I was walking home by myself and while I was walking I saw sparkly stars above me. It was then I saw a creepy old house.  I stared, frozen to the spot because it had spooky headstones in front of it and there were blood all over the squeaky gates. I can see two creepy naked skeletons just staring at me. I looked up, there was this big gargoyle sitting on top of the fence with big red evil eyes. An old woman was staring at me out of the window looked like she was a ghost that died in there. I was so terrified that I tip-toed slowly past the bloody gate, a minute later I heard a loud groan coming from inside the house.

I thought I should go and investigate so I walked inside quietly and saw a light flickering on and off. I heard a sound coming out from upstairs and when I reached the top of the stairs the lights went off! My heart started to beat hard but when the lights came back on I saw an ugly mummy standing in front of me just staring at me with his evil furious eyes. Then the mummy pushed me down the stairs and dragged me down to the graveyard!  I started shouting “Somebody Help me!!”. Then he started to bury me in a freshly dug grave. I was terrified,here I was being buried alive!.

Then suddenly an old woman appeared and she was holding an enormous axe to kill the mummy. She was protecting me because I just noticed that she was my old next door neighbor and I thought she was dead because I haven't seen her a long time. The old woman got me out of the spooky graveyard dirt and she disappeared when the strong wind started blowing in the air,a minute later I heard a scream coming out from the house next to the haunted house and I thought I should go there and see what the sound was. But when I walked inside quietly I was shocked,I saw a kitchen knife stabbed in my little cousins mouth. I sat down and cried but when I looked at my hands there were blood all over it,I got freaked out so I quickly run to the bathroom to wash my face and my hands. When I looked at the mirror I saw a reflection of me but it looked like a version devil of me and much more freaky. I was horror-struck whenever I moved, it just kept following me and I saw a glowing sword, so I picked it up and threw the glowing sword,bang! in the devil’s head. Finally the devil was dead and I was free! So I ran back to my house as fast as I could but when I was running the haunted house came crumbling down,I was relieved because there was no more haunted house and I was so happy.

By:Haina Peco

Friday 17 August 2012

Wordle about Compost

WALT:create a wordle about compost.

School Wordle

Today Room 5 are learning how to create Wordles. This let us show our Vocabulary to the world.

Friday 10 August 2012

Us and Our Environment

Mangere Mountain Community Gardens

On Tuesday 24th of July the yr 6&7 from our senior school all went to visit the Mangere Mountain Education Centre.We went there so we could learn about the Mara Kai,the Mara Rongoa and the tool making and how they grew their food in gardens in the past.

A man named Farrell greeted us and told us about the history of the local iwi. He told us how Hape rode a giant stingray (Kaiwhare) from Hawaiki and how his tribe carried their waka from Tamaki Estuary to Mangere. After that we learned about the gardening tools they used at the time. The ko and the timo-timo.

When Farrell finished explaining, we were organised into three groups. I felt so excited because my group got to do the tool making first. I used the mussel shell and started to smooth the ko (Maori spade). After that we switched to the next task.
We walked outside with our gorgeous teacher Mrs Fepuleai. All of us saw a lady standing next to the medicine plants and she introduced herself to us. Her name was Moana. We were split into four teams. My team had to find the Karamu medicine plant which they had in the Mara Rongoa. The plants were labeled with their name and what medicinal purpose they served. Some of the labels of the plants were hard to find because they were hidden by the leaves.

Finally we were in the food garden or Mara Kai and  Farrell explained to us that they used a ko to dig in the garden and a timo timo for digging up weeds. We got to use the ko to dig and it was very easy for me but as Farrell explained it was a long, hard process because they had to prepare the ground first which meant they had to burn off the surrounding trees and scrub.They then used the ash as compost for the dirt. He told us that as they worked they would all sing waiata or chant together to help them keep in time and make it easier.  Then we had a turn using the timo-timo to dig some weeds out of the mara kai. The timo-timo which is a piece of wood shaped like two sides of a triangle. It was named after the kiwi because it looks like a kiwi’s beak when it digs into the dirt for worms.

After that we came back inside and sat down on the mat and Farrell and the other whaea gave out woven putiputi or flowers to the tamariki who answered and asked good questions. Then we were allowed to eat our lunch.When all of us finished our delicious food we all hiked up the mountain.When we were halfway there we saw the bus waiting for us. We made our way back down the mountain,lined up and noisily got on the bus, back to school to learn.

Friday 29 June 2012

The Vision team!

Long ago in a city called Town Field there was a girl named Haina.That’s me. I always dreamed of being a superhero. One day,I met a boy named Ash and found out that both of us wanted to be superheroes. We played together and one time when we were chasing each other we fell into a massive hole. When we stood up we saw two shiny necklaces glowing on the ground and when we picked them up it started changing colourful colours.

While we were in the hole we shouted “HELP US!” We tried to climb out but the walls was too slippery. I stepped back and something incredible happened. There was a secret door in the dirt! Ash and I walked inside and saw a man.He walked towards to us and we thought he was going to hurt us...
He introduced himself to us.His name was agent Peter and he told us that they we were the chosen ones to be superheroes.He changed our names into Haina-ken and Astro boy.

We were called THE VISION TEAM! . So when the alarm goes off, it means that it’s time for action! After that we put on our costumes and Agent P sent us back on land.

When we got there we saw someone standing proud and staring at us. His name was the Evil Gator.Two of us made a move to attack him but we missed him because he was too snappy.

The Evil Gator told us “Meet me at the forest.” We used our super speed to go to the forest. When we got there, he just flew down in front of us and I told Astro boy to move back. “I will handle this big, fat gator.” Then I used my invisibility so he couldn't see me and I attacked him with my super strength. While I was attacking him, his guards came out of the trees. It was a trap! I was still invisible so I quietly used my powers to attack them. Astro boy and I made a plan to trap them with the huge net. Then we used our physic power to make them weak and we threw a giant rock on top of Evil Gator and the evil guards. They were squashed flat like a gator pancake.

Town Field was saved, the villains were gone and the Vision Team saved the day.
By Haina Peco

Thursday 17 May 2012

Writing a blog comment

We are learning how to write a good blog comment.
My comment is  positive because it has nothing negative in it and when I watch the video you tell me more about volcanoes and it was a great video.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

The incredible jump

As Haina sat on the Motorbike,she started zooming past me and the people were getting ready for the huge jump.Haina was getting ready too and she was surprised when she saw the dirty bike track.Haina went on focusing on the ramp, the people stop screaming,my heart was beating fast. Suddenly something went wrong and the motorbike started getting crazy.

The people got scared and I got scared too,it was HORRIBLE! then the Ambulance came and took Haina to the hospital.I got worried about Haina because I thought she was dead and she was my favourite motorbike player.Then the doctor said that she’ll be okay at the hospital but she broke some bones on her neck and legs.A few months later she preformed a trick and she was feeling better then when she preformed a trick,I couldn’t believed my eyes,she did a fronts flip and I felt so great. Haina was incredible and she won the golden trophy.