Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The incredible jump

As Haina sat on the Motorbike,she started zooming past me and the people were getting ready for the huge jump.Haina was getting ready too and she was surprised when she saw the dirty bike track.Haina went on focusing on the ramp, the people stop screaming,my heart was beating fast. Suddenly something went wrong and the motorbike started getting crazy.

The people got scared and I got scared too,it was HORRIBLE! then the Ambulance came and took Haina to the hospital.I got worried about Haina because I thought she was dead and she was my favourite motorbike player.Then the doctor said that she’ll be okay at the hospital but she broke some bones on her neck and legs.A few months later she preformed a trick and she was feeling better then when she preformed a trick,I couldn’t believed my eyes,she did a fronts flip and I felt so great. Haina was incredible and she won the golden trophy.