Friday, 29 June 2012

The Vision team!

Long ago in a city called Town Field there was a girl named Haina.That’s me. I always dreamed of being a superhero. One day,I met a boy named Ash and found out that both of us wanted to be superheroes. We played together and one time when we were chasing each other we fell into a massive hole. When we stood up we saw two shiny necklaces glowing on the ground and when we picked them up it started changing colourful colours.

While we were in the hole we shouted “HELP US!” We tried to climb out but the walls was too slippery. I stepped back and something incredible happened. There was a secret door in the dirt! Ash and I walked inside and saw a man.He walked towards to us and we thought he was going to hurt us...
He introduced himself to us.His name was agent Peter and he told us that they we were the chosen ones to be superheroes.He changed our names into Haina-ken and Astro boy.

We were called THE VISION TEAM! . So when the alarm goes off, it means that it’s time for action! After that we put on our costumes and Agent P sent us back on land.

When we got there we saw someone standing proud and staring at us. His name was the Evil Gator.Two of us made a move to attack him but we missed him because he was too snappy.

The Evil Gator told us “Meet me at the forest.” We used our super speed to go to the forest. When we got there, he just flew down in front of us and I told Astro boy to move back. “I will handle this big, fat gator.” Then I used my invisibility so he couldn't see me and I attacked him with my super strength. While I was attacking him, his guards came out of the trees. It was a trap! I was still invisible so I quietly used my powers to attack them. Astro boy and I made a plan to trap them with the huge net. Then we used our physic power to make them weak and we threw a giant rock on top of Evil Gator and the evil guards. They were squashed flat like a gator pancake.

Town Field was saved, the villains were gone and the Vision Team saved the day.
By Haina Peco