Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Get Ready To Shake Out!

Get Prepared!
I have created a poster that represents ‘New Zealand’s Earthquake shakeout day’ on Wednesday 26th September 2012 at 9:26 am.
Are you ready?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Haunted Horror Story!


It was late at night and it was dark,moon was shining so brightly in the dark spooky sky. I was walking home by myself and while I was walking I saw sparkly stars above me. It was then I saw a creepy old house.  I stared, frozen to the spot because it had spooky headstones in front of it and there were blood all over the squeaky gates. I can see two creepy naked skeletons just staring at me. I looked up, there was this big gargoyle sitting on top of the fence with big red evil eyes. An old woman was staring at me out of the window looked like she was a ghost that died in there. I was so terrified that I tip-toed slowly past the bloody gate, a minute later I heard a loud groan coming from inside the house.

I thought I should go and investigate so I walked inside quietly and saw a light flickering on and off. I heard a sound coming out from upstairs and when I reached the top of the stairs the lights went off! My heart started to beat hard but when the lights came back on I saw an ugly mummy standing in front of me just staring at me with his evil furious eyes. Then the mummy pushed me down the stairs and dragged me down to the graveyard!  I started shouting “Somebody Help me!!”. Then he started to bury me in a freshly dug grave. I was terrified,here I was being buried alive!.

Then suddenly an old woman appeared and she was holding an enormous axe to kill the mummy. She was protecting me because I just noticed that she was my old next door neighbor and I thought she was dead because I haven't seen her a long time. The old woman got me out of the spooky graveyard dirt and she disappeared when the strong wind started blowing in the air,a minute later I heard a scream coming out from the house next to the haunted house and I thought I should go there and see what the sound was. But when I walked inside quietly I was shocked,I saw a kitchen knife stabbed in my little cousins mouth. I sat down and cried but when I looked at my hands there were blood all over it,I got freaked out so I quickly run to the bathroom to wash my face and my hands. When I looked at the mirror I saw a reflection of me but it looked like a version devil of me and much more freaky. I was horror-struck whenever I moved, it just kept following me and I saw a glowing sword, so I picked it up and threw the glowing sword,bang! in the devil’s head. Finally the devil was dead and I was free! So I ran back to my house as fast as I could but when I was running the haunted house came crumbling down,I was relieved because there was no more haunted house and I was so happy.

By:Haina Peco