Thursday, 6 December 2012

(Spelling) Knowing My Words- 6/12/12

My Maths Survey

Net book reflection 2012

What has school been like this year with a net nook?

I like using my net book because its easier to type and it can correct my mistakes when its wrong. When I got my new net book this year I felt so excited and it was so cool when I first used it. I like working on my net book because when I write on books it makes my hand sore but on net book it doesn't hurt my hand cause you type not write. And it can connect with other schools too.

The thing I don't like about using my net book is the internet because sometimes it's slow and I can't go to the page that I want to go on. When I search something on the web there's too many sites with information and I can't pronounce the long words. 

Next year I want to able to type without looking at the keyboard.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Taekwon Do

During Taekwon Do, we learnt about how to defend ourselves. There were 2 professional Taekwon Do instructors, their names were Minette and Mrs Robinson.

Minette has one black belt,she got her first black belt in 2010. It has taken her two years to get her black belt and she told us that we have to put our toes back so our toes won’t break. We did a lot of exercise like burpees, star jumps and sit ups. It helps us to get fit and warm up. Minette taught us how to front kick and it was very cool.
Mrs Robinson took over Minette because she had to go somewhere very important. Mrs Robinson taught us how to do the high kick and the turning kick. A turning kick is performed with either the ball of the foot or the instep.

As today was our last day of Taekwon Do, we had to break plastic boards and there was two boards. The 1st board was easier than the second board. Some of the kids even broke two boards at once which Minette said was pretty good as we were the first to do that since she has been teaching it in schools. It was very hard for me because it was too strong.

I’ve learnt how to defend myself and learn how to break free if a stranger ever tried to grab me. Room 5 has learnt a lot of new techniques and it was very fun.